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  About Global Smartfit Nigeria Limited

Global Smartfit Nigeria Limited is an indigenous footwear design and manufacturing company that was established to contribute towards the development of the private industrial sector.

Since commencement of operations, the Company has been involved in the production of high quality Back 2 School shoes for numerous nursery, primary, and secondary schools, Industrial safety shoes for the Construction / Oil & Gas Companies; Combat / Jungle Boots & Service shoes for the Military / Paramilitary institutions and variety of fashion trendy shoes for general use.

All her products conform to the best acceptable international standard.

Mission Statement
To remain a sustainable business which fairly rewards all stakeholders, commensurate with their respective interests and contributions. This is to be achieved through meeting the needs of the markets with quality, value-for-money footwear and superior service.

-- To have the most recognizable Footwear and Apparel brand Internationally
-- To be the Best manufacturer of Casual Leather shoes, Locally and Internationally

Mr. Ogonna Okonkwo is the Managing Director / CEO of the Company. He is an experienced and astute entrepreneur, a footwear expert with over 20 years experience.

Among his achievements in the sector was the huge success in bringing back the glamour of uniformity in school dressing code as regards quality guaranteed leather shoes for numerous schools across the country.

He has won several merit awards which include, Nigeria’s Best Children Shoes Manufacturer, West Africa Best Leather Footwear Manufacturer, among others. His name is synonymous with quality leather footwear in the country today.

Shoe Making:

How Shoes are Made
Footwear may be defined as garments that are worn on the feet. There main purpose is to protect one's feet. Rescently, footwear has become an important component of fashion accessories. Although, their basic purpose remains that of protection.

There are many types of footwear- shoes, boots, sandals, slippers etc. Footwear are further categorized into many more types.

Shoe making
Further categories of shoes are galoshes, kitten heels, Stiletto heels, high heels, loafers, high-Tops, platform shoes, athletic shoes also called sneakers, school shoes and many others.

Shoemaking can be seen as a traditional handicraft profession. However, now it has been largely taken over by industrial manufacture of footwear. A variety of materials are used for making shoes- Rubber, fabrics, wood, leather fabrics, plastic, jute fabrics, and metal. With the development of modern machines, a pair of shoes can be made in very less time as each step in its manufacturing is generally performed by a separate footwear making machine.

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